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Branding Businesses is
more than just our passion.

We evolve brands with unique brand identity and strategic design. We have been passively branding business while working on front-end visual systems side by side. Soon we set up a separate team that lives, breathes and does only branding.

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Consilio's branding suite.


Building on the branding research, we create a stunning visual system from a blend of art styles, colors, typography and illustrations that will make your brand recognizable. We design visuals in line with your overall brand identity, that helps you communicate your message clearly in a way that’s also memorable for your audience.


We study your business, market, and goals to fully understand your brand and re-present it in a simple visual mark. We first create a logo mood board to showcase visual concepts that are further developed into potential logo marks. We trim the designs down to the most promising, present our favorites, test them with your target personas, and finally, zero in on a single mark to polish so it can stand the test of time.


Form follows function. Using your brand persona as a foundation, we create a set of icons that are in line with your overall look and feel that guides users to where they need to go on your website/app or provide clarity in your brand’s message in brochures and presentations alike.


We dive deep to fully understand the complex dynamics that shape your business. We study the market, examine competitors, understand your business, products, and goals, as well as study target and existing customer personas. Working with you at predetermined checkpoints, we evolve ideas into solid visual representations to propose brand concepts, taking feedback from stakeholders along the way. The result is a complete visual design system and a compelling brand identity.

A whole suite of services to construct your brand identity.

Our Identity services help your brand to visually stand out – not just in your logo, but consistently and coherently across every single brand touchpoint and customer experience.

We create visual identities designed to be used across all digital and analog brand touchpoints. We deliver smart brand guidelines, workshops, and communication tools, to help ensure your brand identity creates is effectively deployed for all audiences – external and internal.

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